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Corrigendum for Short NIT USHP/II/GD of 2013 dated 16/09/2013 USHP/II/GD/1200-13 07.10.2013 2013_SPDC_9242_1 See document -- See original tender See original tender Click here
Replacement Job of Left side damaged limb/coil of 15MVA, 11/132KV Power transformer(Bharat Bijlee make) of 35MW Unit-III, with spare limb/coil already available at Powerhouse Kangan including its Testing and commissioning with System at Powerhouse Kangan. USHP/II/GD/03 of 2013-14 16.09.2013 2013_SPDC_9242_pack1 Electrical Kangan, JK 0.60 INR including taxes and duties 20 days Click Here
Fabrication/Re-assemble/Rebuilding of 2 No left sode HV/LV Limb/Coil of 15 MVA 11/132KV Single Phase Power Transformer (Make Bharat Bijlee) similar to damaged ones of same type for urgent replacement. USHP/II/GD/02 of 2013-14 23.08.2013 2013_SPDC_8765_1 Electrical USHP-II, Kangan 28.0 Lacs (14.0 Lacs per limb) including taxes and duties 120 days Click Here
Construction of steel foot bridge at exit of Tailrace channel near proposed park of USHP-II, Kangan 02/CMD-Works of 2013 09.07.2013 2013_STDC_7979 Civil Exit of Tailrace channel of USHP-II, Kangan 40.12 Lacs 2 months Click Here
New Clearance of Road Slides, Removal of slip, Slit clearance at USHP-II, Kangan NIT NO: 01/CMD of 2013 24.05.2013 Civil THUNE, SATRUN,KANGAN JK 8.91 Lacs 4 days only, shutdown related work Click Here