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Tender Notifications for SEWA-III - 2017

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Works Tenders

Description NIT NO. Date Associated eNIT No Type of Work Location of Work Cost of Work Time of Completion Link
Civil Works (Restoration of Head Works and protection to access road to Sewa HEP-III eNIT 07 of 2017 29.07.2017 Civil Mashka Basohli, JK Rs. 43.61 Lakh 60 days Notice
Civil Works (Treatment of Water Conductor and its sliding are in respect of Sewa HEP-III) eNIT 06 of 2017 29.07.2017 2017_SPDC_43104_1 Civil Mashka Basohli, JK Rs. 117.82 Lakh 90 days Notice
Cancellation of NIT No. 3 - SEWA-III dated 08.07.2017 CCD/Ujh/199 10.07.2017 Civil Works Mashka Basohli, JK Notice
Refurbishment and rewinding wherever necessary of 2 Nos., 5 MVA, 6.6/33KV power Transformers and 2 No. 250 KVA 6.6/0.433 KV dry type auxiliary transformers including dismantling, loading, unloading, to and fro transportation from CHEP-III complete with all materials and accessories (as per detailed scope of work) GEN/PDC/U/RMU/e-NIT/136 07.07.2017 2017_SPDC_42286_1 RMU Works Dibber, Udhampur see document 30 days Notice
1. Treatment of water conductor and its sliding area Sewa III
2. Restoration of head works and protection to access road
03 of 2017 dated: 08-07-2017
04 of 2017 dated: 08-07-2017
08.07.2017 2017_SPDC_42322_1
Civil Works Mashka Basohli, JK 117.82 lakh
43.61 lakh
90 days
60 days
NIT 03
NIT 04