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Tender Notifications-2018 | LJHP

Pre Bid Notifications


Works Tenders

Associated eNIT No
Type of Work
Location of Work
Cost of Work
Time of Completion
Corrigendum to NIT 15 - LJHP GD/LJHP/3222-28 09.01.2018 2017_SPDC_47887_1 LJHP Electrical and Electronics Gantamulla, JK Corrigendum Notice
Overhauling of Pen Stock alongwith arresting of water leakages in penstock pipes by replacement of flux packing seals of 06 No expansion joints. (along with X-ray testing of penstocks of all units of 3x35MW LJHP. E-Tender NIT No:- CMD/LJHP/19 of 2017-18 06.01.2018 2018_SPDC_49591_1 LJHP Electro-Mechanical Gantamulla, JK 42.00 lacs 90 days NIT
Cancellation of NIT 07 - LJHP GD/LJHP/3131-37 03.01.2018 2017_SPDC_47267_1 LJHP Electro-Mechanical Gantamulla, JK see document see document Cancellation Notice
(i)Renovation of division office building of civil maintenance division LJHP Gantamulla and including flooring of Generation division. E-Tender NIT No:- CMD/LJHP/ 11 of 2017-18 04.01.2018 LJHP Civil Gantamulla, JK 120 days NIT
Desludging/Replacement of Turbine oil for all three units of 3x35MW LJHP. (Fresh Turbine oil servo57 to be replaced shall be provided by the JKSPDC). GD/LJHP/18 of 2017-18 02.01.2018 2018_SPDC_49532_1 LJHP Electromechanical Gantamulla, JK 4.00 lacs 30 days NIT
Replacement of Oil and water Seals to avoid leakage in all the three units of 3X35 MW LJHP GD/LJHP/17 of 2017-18 02.01.2018 2018_SPDC_49511_1 LJHP Electromechanical Gantamulla, JK 3.00 lacs 30 days NIT
Procurement of safety equipments and materials for operational staff of 3x35MW LJHP GD/LJHP/16 of 2017-18 02.01.2018 2018_SPDC_49524_2 LJHP Electromechanical Gantamulla, JK 3.00 lacs 30 days NIT