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Request for Proposal Notifications
1 Request for proposal for 5 IPP projects - Notice no. JKSPDC/Tech/P-202/1852-75 dated 25-06-2012 Click here
Appointment Notifications
1 JE (Civil) Notification dated 13-3-2012 Click here
2 JE (Civil) Notification JKSPDC/ADM/EG-214/CJ/498 dated 19-4-2012 - Candidates who didnot join. Click here
3 JE (Civil) Notification JKSPDC/ADM/EG-214/CJ/645 dated 19-4-2012 - Candidates who need to report by 28th April at Jammu or 8th May at Srinagar. Click here
4 JE (Civil) Notification JKSPDC/ADM/EG-214/CJ/646-70 dated 19-4-2012 - Posting of Candidates in response to JKSPDC/ADM/EG-214/CJ/9985 dated 13-3-2012. Click here
5 Transfer/Posting of Assitant Executive Engineers (Civil) JKSPDCL - Order PDC/19 pf 2012 dated 21/05/2012 Click here
6 Cancellation Notification for post of Contractual JEs - JKSPDCL/ADM/EG-214/1349 dated 7/6/2012 Click here
7 Notification for post of Contractual JEs - JKSPDCL/ADM/EG-214/1360 dated 7/6/2012 Click here
8 Notification for posting of AEE transfered to JKSPDC vide order no. 228-PDD dated 30-07-2012 Click here
9 Transfer and posting of Shri. Sham Lal Gupta(AEE) - Order no. PDC/102 of 2012 dated 02-08-2012 Click here